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I hope your well, we visited your store on our trip to Hahndorf and my partner purchased some pimple cream and you were kind enough to give us a face mask to use for our daughter.

I just wanted to send you a big thank you from all of us as we have spent so much money and tried so many different products that nothing was working! We used your facemask as soon as we got back to the hotel and pimple cream after and noticed a difference the next morning, our daughter was so happy and it filled out hearts to see her smile again! We have continued to use it and have seen such a difference in her skin so a really big thank you and sending lots of hugs to you from all of us for helping us with your products.

We look forward to placing an order once she is due for some more and will definitely visit the store when we travel back over.

Take care and many thanks again .

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I purchased some Calendula Cream from you a couple of months ago, amongst other products.

Since then I have started some Radiotherapy treatment. I have been given lots of different steroid based creams, and barrier creams, but the only cream that is relieving the pain (from my now burnt skin), is your Calendula Cream. I wasn’t keen on using steroid based products, or ones with lots of chemicals as their base, so to be fortunate enough to be able to use your products really is wonderful!

I had also purchased some dog shampoo on the day for our Pug ‘Miss Poppy’ who has many an allergy, and the shampoo has helped her immensely too!

Thank you so very much for making such wonderful, natural products!

I can not thank you enough, and recommend you highly to others!

Your products are a must for any household!

Katie 🙏🏻

Calendula Caring Moisturiser. Fantastic product which brings me great relief for my skin. I use it on my face as it is allergic to anything harsh, chems, sunlight and also prone to dryness and itch. Love it. Regret not buying more when at the shop. Now ordering the big 1 litre! Will recommend to friends.



Arthritis & Gout Cream

Hi Cheryl, I purchased the arthritis and gout cream on Saturday. Just wanted to let you know that after using your cream, i have had great improvement with the pain in my knee. After 2 applications, I have no pain whatsoever. Will definitely be a return customer. Thanks so much, will be seeing you again soon:-)



Beeswax, Coconut Oil and Lime Essential Oil Hair Wax.

This is one of the best hair waxes out there. Bought it a while ago to use on my sons hair for extra hold and moisture on his cornrow braids :). It has done just that. His hair has grown longer since then and very manageable too. So I ended up using it too on my hair and loving it. Adds shine, moisture and softness to our hair. Excellent product. Will buy again soon.
Afro texture hair, by the way.

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Hi Cheryl
Last week my daughter and I visited your shop. We enjoyed sampling your products and exploring what you had. I bought a couple of things. For the rest of our week long trip my daughter kept repeating “I should have bought that balm, it really helped my wrist”
When we returned I surprised her by ordering it. She rang me tonight over the moon that she now had her magic balm. Thank you so much for your speedy service, and the enjoyment we had in your shop.

Name and address supplied…….

Dear Cheryl,

Thanks so much for my order, is has all been received. What a lovely surprise to find the extra lid and the small purse sized “extra” hand cream, so handy!

Thank you very much, it really is the best cream for my skin, I am so glad I walked into your shop back in May. I now have no more dry skin related  problems, previously I was totally covered with eczema, and it’s all cleared up…and I intend to keep it that way!

Thank you, thank you!!!



25th August 2016


I visited your shop on Sunday of last week and I just want to congratulate you on making beautiful creams.  I suffer from severe eczema and have allergies to creams which only effect my face.  I have tried everything.. pure aloe vera, 100% shea butter, salt compresses, olive oil, honey masks.. you name it iv done it.  I have exhausted myself of things to try and have resorted to heavy medication while my dermatologist finds the cause and cure for me.  After 2 days of using your cream my face has cleared up by 70%. I am so overwhelmed with joy and I just had to write you an email thanking you.  You have no idea how much relief this has brought me.  The cream has cured my itching from my eczema and has completely cleared my allergies. It has boosted my self esteem also as my eczema and allergies effect my face and I find it hard to even look people in the eye when I’m having bad flare ups.  So thank you, you have changed my life completely and I’m happy I stumbled upon your store while I was on holidays.




Cara Lees

Melbourne VIC

10th July 2015.


Dear Cheryl,
I would just like to THANK YOU ever so much for your Calendula Caring Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin.
My little man has suffered terribly with eczema since he was two weeks of age.
We have only been using this cream for two weeks and I have never seen his skin looking so soft and clear. It has not cured his eczema, but we have had no bad flare ups since we started using it. I have tried what feels like every cream on the market and NOTHING has ever worked this well.
Not only have we had the wonderful results but I can rest assured that it is completely safe to use on his skin. We look forward to trying more of your wonderful products.
PS I have recommended two friends try this cream on their little ones. Fingers crossed they see similar results.
With tears of thanks – Melanie


jessWe have been into you shop twice now and made purchases both times. Our latest purchase was your organic Shampoo and Conditioner and i am very impressed with the results on my hair. I have very fine hair and after washing I normally need to use products to style my hair and that no longer is the case after using your products. My hair is silky smooth, has an amazing shine and had body after blow drying with no additional products being required.
We won’t hesitate in continuing to use this and trying many more of your products and I plan to use your online ordering facility.
Thanks once again

I have just turned 50 and have been using the Beeswax skin care range for 2 years now but wish I had started using it in my 20’s. I absolutely love the texture of the moisturiser and eye cream….and the night cream is luxurious. I am constantly being complimented on my skin and friends ask me what I use, when I tell them the price of the Beeswax skin care they are astounded especially since I would have spent thousands over the years on my face but had reactions etc. I recently bought the hand cream which is also fantastic. I now have both my daughters who are in their 20s using the range also and they love it.
Thank you for such a beautiful, natural product that really works!
Kind Regards,
Dear Cheryl at Beeswax
I thought I would write to let you know how my first experience using your products has been.
I purchased a Dry skin cleanser and moisturiser, a dry skin hydrator and an eye cream for sensitive skin. As a mature lady, getting products to actually do as they say and the results you want, is hard to come by. After using these products of yours, my skin feels beautifully soft and much improvement around the eye area. Plus I had no reaction from any of the products (which is what I usually get from other brands, no matter how natural).
I am so happy that I stumbled on your shop during a weekend tourist drive. Looking forward to my next order and trying new product ranges.
Kind regards, Lindsey Kruise

For many years now I have been spending huge amounts of money on the ‘big name brands’ with little or no results. My skin has always been dry, cracked and blemished. Some of these products have even made it worse!!
I thought that there was no escape for me…. Until now. Thanks to your amazing Beeswax Products, my skin has never been so healthy, smooth and clear. I am so amazed at the results that I felt compelled to send in this message.
It has only been 3 weeks since I found your wonderful products and my skin has never looked and felt better. Where have you been all my life…..
From the moment I first felt the rich creamy texture of your products on my skin, I knew I was on to a winner. The luxurious way the cream glides on to my skin is so soothing. And the price is ludicrously cheap! Think of all the money I have wasted on those other fancy products…… Thank god for you Beeswax Natural Health and Harmony!!!- Fiona Foxx
I have visited your shop twice when holidaying with family in Adelaide and I have to say that I have tried a lot of natural skin care and yours is one of the best!!
Kind regards

I discovered Beeswax Natural Health & Harmony while I was on a holiday in Adelaide in Feb 2008. I purchased an eye cream and a moisturizer. I just loved them, so I went onto their web site and ordered up big! I just love the essential oils they use, the smells are divine. I work with the public and since I’ve been using these products I have constant comments on my skin and how good it looks, from my regular clients! It makes me feel good.
Cheryl and Judy are so friendly and make it all so easy – Heather Davison
My wife visited your shop and purchased your cold sore cream.
I must admit, I was skeptical at first, but the next time I felt a cold sore starting, I tried it.
It’s miraculous!
Never before have I found a product that stopped a cold sore before it got started.
I have since purchased your arthritis rub and found it to be every bit as good! – Col Norris

I have used many natural products over the years, I really don’t like using commercial products, lots of nasty’s in them!! and I reckon Beeswax are the best I have used and at very competitive prices, skin care does not have to cost you a fortune.
from Fiona (a very satisfied customer)

I have two toddlers with very sensitive skin. Early evenings can be a nightmare outside as they seem to be beacons for mozzies and I cannot use regular supermarket insect repellents on their skin. I discovered your Bug-Off spray and it’s brilliant. The all natural products don’t irritate and the mozzies have to get a feed elsewhere!

Hi Cheryl
I just wanted to say thank you for putting me on to your Calendula Cream for Sensitive Skin. My baby, Louisa, has had terrible eczema from a very young age. I have tried many different creams and ointments on her, none of which made any big improvement. Once starting on regular use of your cream Louisa’s skin was significantly better within a couple of weeks, and now after months of use her eczema is barely visible. Not only is it very effective but it feels and smells lovely, and is great to know it contains all natural ingredients.
Yours Sincerely,
Prue Candy