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Beautiful Creams

I visited your shop on Sunday of last week and I just want to congratulate you on making beautiful creams.  I suffer from severe eczema and have allergies to creams which only effect my face.  I have tried everything.. pure aloe vera, 100% shea butter, salt compresses, olive oil, honey masks.. you name it iv done it.  I have exhausted myself of things to try and have resorted to heavy medication while my dermatologist finds the cause and cure for me.  After 2 days of using your cream my face has cleared up by 70%. I am so overwhelmed with joy and I just had to write you an email thanking you.  You have no idea how much relief this has brought me.  The cream has cured my itching from my eczema and has completely cleared my allergies. It has boosted my self esteem also as my eczema and allergies effect my face and I find it hard to even look people in the eye when I’m having bad flare ups.  So thank you, you have changed my life completely and I’m happy I stumbled upon your store while I was on holidays.
Cara Lees
Melbourne VIC